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Universal Testing Machines

We offer a wide range of powerful and flexible universal testing machines from our Lloyd Instruments brand. The universal testing machines are all designed to perform advanced, high precision material testing, such as compression testing, tensile testing, flexural testing, peel testing, friction testing, creep testing and many more, and can easily be configured to match both your needs of today as well as your needs of tomorrow.

By simply changing the grips of the universal testing machine, the same machine can be used for testing many different samples of various shapes, sizes and material. Combine the test machine with a robot to automate your workflows and to speed up the testing process, so repetitive tests can be run in hours rather than days, helping to eliminate operator error, improve operator safety and reduce cost.

The universal testing machines can be used as stand-alone controlled by a console. For more advanced testing, the NEXYGENPlus software can be added and test results can automatically be downloaded for easy analysis.

Below is an overview our universal testing machines The prices of our universal testing machines vary depending on the grips and accessories needed, if any special programming is needed, or if the test setups in the extensive test library of the NEXYGENPlus software is sufficient to cover your specific needs.