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How Do I Display All Buttons in NEXYGENPlus

After installing the NEXYGENPlus V3.0 software it is possible that some of the forms and buttons are not displayed correctly. This is due to the display settings of the computer and is not a fault of NEXYGENPlus V3.0. It can be rectified by following the procedure below.

Set the DPI to the required value Smaller, Medium or Larger.

How do I display all of the buttons in NEXYGENPlus

Now select "Set custom text size (DPI)".

Disable the check box for Windows XP Style DPI

Disable the check box for "Windows XP Style DPI Scaling".

Select OK and then APPLY.

You will need to log off and then log back in again to apply the new settings. 

Open a NEXYGENPlus V3.0 batch file and select EDIT. The buttons and forms should now be displayed correctly.