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How Do I Clear Saved Data From Chatillon DFE and DFS Force Gauges

It is not possible to change Modes if any saved data / results are saved in the gauge memory. In the manual, Clear Data is written as Clear Result From Memory.

To clear the saved data on your DFE II or DFS II force gauge, follow these instructions.

Clear saved data

Clear Saved Data

To change MODE, you must clear all Saved Data from the force gauge's memory. This is to ensure that the force gauge will correctly calculate statistics, since results from different modes will cause erroneous statistics.

In DF II Series force gauges (DFE II and DFS II) the following message prompts the user to clear saved data:


Clear Result From Memory
The DFS II can store up to 100 test results and the DFE II can store up to 20 test results in the instrument memory. These results may be used later for viewing or for calculating statistics.

You may clear a result using the View display. 

To access the View display from the Home display, press the F3 (More) key once. This will access the View display.

View display

To access the CLEAR option, select the INFO key (i key). This will change the F2 (Save) key to F2 (Clear).

Select F2 (Clear) to clear the displayed result. Use the UP and DOWN key to access the remaining stored results for clearing. 

A message will show on the display stating to Clear the selected result. Press ENTER.

You may clear all results from the same menu by selecting Zero instead of the F2 (Clear) feature. 

The force gauge will display a message saying to Clear all results. Press ENTER.

Clear display