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Digital Force Gauges

The Chatillon digital force gauges are powerful yet user-friendly force gauges, designed for either handheld use or test stand mounting. These digital force gauges and torque gauges offer the best price performance value of any digital force gauge available, along with a high precision and an easy to use force measurement solution.

With our Digital Force Gauge DFS3, we give you, as the first in the world, the opportunity to connect two external sensors to your Digital Force Gauge, for greater flexibility.

Combine your Digital Force Gauge with a motorized test stand to benefit from a more stable and reliable test speed. This helps to eliminate any variables that might impact the force readings and offers an ideal solution for force measurement testing.

With our Digital Force Gauges you  get access to our innovative ForceTest Software.
The ForceTest software is an easy-to-use Windows based force measurement data analysis software for use with the DFE and DFS Series digital force gauges and torque gauges. Your test results are presented in a spreadsheet format, so you can analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations.

We have a whole jungle of grips, so only your own imagination sets the limit to the applications you can perform. Grips are so incredibly crucial to your test results. So to make it easy for you to find the right grip, these are divided according to industrial applications.
Should you still be in doubt, we have the experts to help you.

Welcome to our large and comprehensive range