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How Do I Set Up a COM PORT on DFE and DFS Force Gauges

To set up a COM PORT on your DFE II or DFS II Series force gauge follow these instructions.

In this example we used Windows 7.

1) Power the force gauge on

Power on the force gauge

2) Select the HOME button
3) Select the More Button
4) Select the More Button a second Time
5) Scroll down to the Communications Line using the arrow keys
6) Select and press the ENTER Button
7) Select the More Button
8) Use the Change button to select the USB Port
9) Select the More button
10) Select the Change button until it shows AMETEK
11) Select the More Button
12) Setup Mitutoyo OFF
13) Select HOME button to return to the main screen
14) Turn off the force gauge

The correct USB communications have now been set on the force gauge.

Computer Settings:
1A) Install the Nexygen DF software from the CD included with the force gauge in the case
2A) Plug the USB cable into the force gauge and plug it into an open USB port on the computer
3A) Turn the Chatillon force gauge on
4A) Select the windows Start button
5A) Select Control Panel
6A) Select Device Manager
Device Manager

7A) You should see a screen like the one above. Look down to the (COM&LPT) This will show the active USB devices plugged into your computer.
This example shows two devices (COM3) and (COM 7) write these down.

8a) Close the device manager, and close all open applications
9A) Open the windows Start Button
10A) Select All Programs
11A) Select Nexygen DF
12A) Select Advanced
13A) Select Gauge Console
14A) A small box should appear (Console) If data in the box appears then the force gauge is now connected to the PC and you can open the Nexygen DF software.

15A) If no data appears then you must activate the correct USB port on the PC
Activate correct USB port

If the Console box has no force readings:
16A) Right click with the mouse on the console area of the box

Select the correct COM PORT

17A) Select the Com Port Button and select the correct Com Port. In this example the choice was either (COM 7) or (COM 3). We have selected (COM7).
18A) Ensure that the Bluetooth Box is not checked when using a USB cable connection. On the Com Port selection screen.

You may have to attempt several of your COM Ports until the force gauge is recognized. If after all COM Ports have been attempted and failed you may need to install the DF2_Drivers.EXE file. If this file is not present on the instillation CD contact your local distributor to have the file sent to you.

19A) Install the DF2_Drivers.exe file. Save the file to a folder or to your desktop
20A) Double click on the DF2_Drivers.exe file and a Black DOS screen will appear
The file will automatically install and prompt you when finished

21A) Repeat steps 9A -18A until the force reading is present in the Gauge Console Box

22A) Once the Force reading is present, leave the console box open with the Force Reading
23A) Select the windows Start Button:
24A) Select All Programs
25A) Select Nexygen DF
26A) Select the Nexygen DF file ICON: Just above the advanced File folder

NEXYGEN DF software

27A) Your Nexygen DF software program should open to above screen
28A) Select Create a new test
29A) Select create a new test using Configurator

Create a new test

Congratulations you have now successfully installed a Chatillon force gauge utilizing a USB cable and the correct COMP port on your computer. Use the Help Menu at the top of the screen for questions regarding the setup of the specific test you require, including the results you wish.

Tensile test to a maximum load of 10N

Above is an example of a tensile test to a maximum load of 10N.