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Extensometers are used to measure the exact changes in the length of the tested sample. They come in a variety of sizes and types designed for contacting or non-contacting measurement.

Learn more about extensometers in A User’s Guide to Video Extensometers.
  • Video Extensometers
    Video Extensometers

    The VE1 is a high precision video extensometer that uses a non-contacting optical measurement based on a digital camera and real time image processing to measure the longitudinal and transversal strain during tensile tests.

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  • Long Travel Extensometers
    Long Travel Extensometers

    Long travel extensometers are ideal for use when testing high-elongation materials. We supply two different long travel extensometers; one specifically aimed at the plastic and rubber industries and one for rigid, semi-rigid and ductile materials.

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  • Deflection Gauge Extensometers
    Deflection Gauge Extensometers

    We supply a wide range of deflection gauge extensometers ideal for measuring deformation in three and four point bend tests and in compression testing applications.

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  • Contacting Extensometers
    Contacting Extensometers

    The contacting extensometers are designed for accurate strain and extension measurement of a material up to a maximum sample thickness of 25 mm. The contacting extensometers are available in a variety of sizes to fit your exact needs.

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