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How Do I Change the Jog Speed on Lloyd Instruments Plus Series Test Machine

To change the jog speed on your Lloyd Instruments materials tester follow these instructions.

Press the EDIT soft key on the Select Test/Edit screen.

If the machine has been given a password, the password entry display will be shown.

Type the password then press the ENTER key.

If the password is correct, the main setup display is shown:

Pressing the ENTER key will return to the Select/Edit display.

If the password is not correct or forgotten then enter this number as the password: 574221.
This will allow immediate access to the main set up display where the old password can be viewed and changed if required.

Pressing the GLOBAL soft key will allow the jog speed to be changed.


Pressing the BKSP soft key deletes one character at a time starting from right hand end of the password.

Pressing the CLEAR ALL soft key deletes all characters.

The alphanumeric keys add new characters to the password and the ENTER key accepts the password as displayed.