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Electronics Testing Solutions

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration are specialists in materials testing and force measurement equipment for the electronic industry. Find more information about our equipment for electronic components testing below.
Electronics Testing Solutions
Mechanical testing of electronic components and their joints is particularly important in new product design and development as well as for ensuring finished product reliability.

Typical parameters being measured in electronics and micro-electronics testing include tension, creep, pull off tests, shear, adhesive/bond strength, peel strength, delamination, flexure and force required to make electrical contact.

We offer single column test machines, force gauges and grips designed for electronic components testing ensuring you high-quality testing and easy-to-read test results.

As an electronic test equipment supplier, we specialise in custom materials testing and force measurement solutions designed to meet your individual needs. Our involvement in the electronics industry stretches back decades, leaving us with an extensive experience in the field of electronics component testing.

Typical applications for electronic components testing include:
- Automotive electronic components
- Cable/loom
- Computer keypads
- Credit and smart cards
- Electrodes
- Insulation
- Mobile phone keypads
- PCBs
- Switches
- Welding

Explore our recommended test machines for electronics components testing.

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