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AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of material testing and force measurement instruments, providing the highest level of performance and capability for production testing, quality control, laboratory testing, research and education.

To experience the full range of our materials testing instruments, please select a products category below.
  • Digital Force Gauges
    Force Gauges

    We offer a complete range of force measurement instruments and solutions, designed to solve simple and complex force measurement applications on the production floor or quality laboratory.

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  • Material Testers
    Material Testers

    We supply materials testing instruments that provide the highest level of performance and capability for production testing, quality control, laboratory testing, research, and education.

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  • Application Specific Testers
    Application Specific Testers

    Specific needs demand unique solutions. AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments are experts in designing materials testing solutions that work for you.

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  • Software

    For flexible, complex or unique testing needs, we offer optional software for use with our Lloyd Instruments, Chatillon and Davenport test machines.

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  • Extensometers

    We offer a wide range of contacting and non-contacting extensometers for materials testing and force measurement machines.

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  • Grips and Fixtures
    Grips and Fixtures

    To cover the many different materials, shapes and sizes of samples that can be tested on our machines, we offer a wide range of grips, jigs and probes for a variety of test types.

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  • Food Grips and Fixtures
    Food Grips and Fixtures

    Our comprehensive range of special designed grips, fixtures, jigs and probes cover most test applications within the food industry.

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  • Accessories

    Our range of accessories includes grips, load cells, sensors, Pogos, splinter shields, thermal cabinets, furnaces and adapters for high precision testing.

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  • Precision Weighing Scales
    Precision Weighing Scales

    We offer a comprehensive range of precision weighing scales including handheld scales, hanging scales, tabletop and crane scales as well as portable beam, platform dial scales and accessories.

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