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How Do I Maintain My PETPlus Melt Viscometer

To check and maintain your PETPlus melt viscometer ensure that the barrel is thoroughly cleaned between tests. After cleaning look inside the barrel to confirm it is clean.

The die is to be cleaned between each test, paying attention to the upper and lower surfaces.

Periodically check the die sealing washer. If it becomes flush with the outside diameter of the die then it needs to be changed.

The die sealing washer on this die needs changing as it is flush with the outside diameter of the die.


This is a good condition die washer as it protrudes beyond the outside of the die.

Ensure the die retaining nut washer is changed if it becomes damaged or becomes flush with the top of the die nut.

Die retaining nut 

Ensure the washer on the die retaining nut is proud of the surface of the nut. If it becomes flush with the body of the nut, it needs changing.

Insert the die in the die retaining nut with the die washer uppermost.

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