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Polymer Testing Solutions

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration are specialists in materials testing instruments for polymer testing and measurement of intrinsic viscosity (IV). Find more information about our instruments for polymer testing below.
Polymer Testing Solutions
Our range of polymer test instruments are used worldwide in the polymer and plastics industry for QA/QC conformity of incoming polymers and process control, as well as testing and validating plastics and finished products.

We offer machines designed for density measurement, polymer testing, and the PETPlus test system specially designed for intrinsic viscosity measurement, ensuring you high-quality testing and easy-to-read test results.

Watch the video above about intrinsic viscosity measurement  or visit the Library where you can find application notes and articles such as The Importance of Intrinsic Viscosity Measurement.

Typical applications for polymer testing include:
- Friction
- HDT measurement
- Intrinsic viscosity (IV) of PET
- Melt density
- Melt viscosity (MV) of PET
- Density measurement

Request more information to see how we can help you with a polymer testing solution that suits your needs.