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When performing material testing, a good analysis software is the key to obtaining high precision test results. Our material testers and force measurement machines are all supplied with an integrated material testing software, enabling you to perform a wide variety of standard tests such as compression testing, tensile testing and flexure testing.

To cover your complex or unique testing needs, we supply optional material testing software for a more powerful and flexible materials testing system allowing you to perform user configured tests.
  • NexygenPlus Software
    NEXYGENPlus Materials Testing Software

    The NEXYGENPlus is the hub of the Lloyd Instruments materials testing systems. With the NEXYGENPlus software as part of the materials testing system, the user can simply select from the extensive library of pre-defined test setups based on international standards or create an advanced multi-stage test, all using the same program.

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  • Tablets for LD and CS2 Series
    Tablets for LD and CS2 Series

    Combine the LD Series or CS2 force testers with a tablet to get a digitalized, stand-alone test machine where no computer or knowledge of programming language is required.

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  • NexygenPlus PET Software
    NEXYGENPlus PET Testing Software

    The NEXYGENPlus PET is a powerful data analysis software for use with the PETPlus IV measurement machine. This software can produce custom reports and print test graphs, SPC charts and simple test reports with statistics from its built-in statistical and print features.

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  • Chatillon ForceTest Force Measurement Software
    ForceTest Force Measuring Software

    The ForceTest software is an easy-to-use Windows based data analysis package for use with the digital force gauges and torque gauges. Your test results are presented in a spreadsheet format, so you can analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations

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  • DF2 Wedge Software
    Chatillon DF2 Wedge Software

    The DF2 wedge software is a communication software providing seamless serial data communications between your Windows-based personal computer and the digital force gauges or the LTCM Series motorized test stands from Chatillon.

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