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What is the Cost of a Tensile Testing Machine

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is “What is the price of a tensile testing machine?” You can find the answer here.
What does a materials tester cost
The price of a tensile testing machine varies for different reasons.

When purchasing a tensile testing machine, or a force measurement machine for tensile testing, you will need some different accessories, such as grips, and these vary from sample type to sample type. For example, if you need to perform tensile testing on a small, flat sample then the right grips for your tensile tester is different than if you need to perform tensile testing on large or odd sized samples. In some cases, a standard grip is sufficient for your testing, but in other cases you might need a custom set of grips that fit the specific size, shape and material you need to test. The price of standard grips and custom grips varies a lot, and therefore, the choice of grips have an impact on the total price of your tensile testing machine.

After deciding which set of grips you need for your specific sample, next step is to consider if you have a need for an add-on materials testing data analysis software, or if the tensile testing machine you consider purchasing might have the data analysis software built in. For tensile testing machines from Lloyd Instruments you can either use the built-in test library that, among other things, offer tensile testing as predefined test setups, or you can purchase the optional NEXYGENPlus data analysis software that offers extra features for advanced testing. If you need to perform custom tests then you would need the optional NEXYGENPlus software which would be an additional cost to your tensile testing solution.

We recommend that you read the article What to Consider When Buying a Materials Tester before you decide which materials tester to purchase. If you need any guidance for choosing the right set of grips and accessories for your tensile testing, our specialists are at your service.