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Puncture Testing

Puncture Testing
Puncture strength testing
Puncture strength tests are used to determine the puncture or rupture characteristics of a material. This is generally a compressive test where a material is compressed by a probe or other type of device until the material ruptures or until an elongation limit is achieved.

Puncture testing is commonly used to determine the strength of a material such as film, rubber or membrane. It is also often used in the food processing industry to determine the texture of ripeness of a product. Puncture testing may be used in medical applications for determining the sharpness of a syringe, scalpel or blade or to measure the resistance and pliability of synthetic skin.

Typical graph showing a puncture strength test:

Puncture Strength Testing

Puncture resistance testing
This test method determines the resistance of film to the penetration of a probe at a single constant test speed. Performed under standard conditions, the test imparts a biaxial stress that is similar to the type of stress encountered in many product end user applications.

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