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Delamination Strength Testing

De-Lamination Testing
A climbing drum test is a typical peel testing method used to determine the delamination characteristics of adhesives used to bond different materials together. This test covers the determination of the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between a relatively flexible adherent and the relatively flexible facing of a sandwich structure and its core. 

When a relatively brittle adhesive is used, the peel resistance can often indicate the degree of cure, that is, higher values than normally realised may indicate an incomplete cure. The test involves a measurement to determine the strength of a laminate's bond to a substrate material. It is equal to the tensile load applied divided by the sample width multiplied by the sample's thickness.

Delamination strength testing is common in the testing of adhesives, including medical adhesives.

Typical graph showing delamination/peel strength test:

Delamination Testing
We provide force measurement instruments and materials testing machines for delamination strength testing.

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