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Flexural Strength Testing

Flexural Strength Testing
Flexural testing is used to determine the flex or bending properties of a material. Sometimes referred to as a transverse beam test, it involves placing a sample between two points or supports and initiating a load using a third point or with two points which are respectively call 3-Point Bend and 4-Point Bend testing.

Maximum stress and strain are calculated on the incremental load applied. Results are shown in a graphical format with tabular results including the flexural strength (for fractured samples) and the yield strength (samples that did not fracture). Typical materials tested are plastics, composites, metals, ceramics and wood.

Typical graph showing strength test:

Flexural Strength Testing

Typical graph showing 3-point bend strength test:

3-Point Bend Testing

Typical graph showing 4-point bend strength test:

4-Point Bend Testing

We provide force measurement instruments and materials testing machines for flexural strength testing.

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