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Burger Quality Testing

Perform texture analysis on uncooked patties for burger consistency.
Burger Quality Testing
The huge popularity of burgers from fast food outlets, pubs and at home, together with competitive pricing means that the composition of burgers can vary significantly, from 100% prime ground beef to poor-quality meat containing a high percentage of fat, bulking agents, salt and other additives. Texture analysis of uncooked patties using a new test jig for the Lloyd Instruments’ TA1 Texture Analyzer provides an objective measure of the burger consistency. 

The burger is placed on a support plate containing a 27 mm diameter hole, which is mounted on the TA1 base table. A cylindrical probe, which opens out in an inverted cone shape with a flat end of 25 mm diameter, is used to apply force to the burger. The new test jig can also be used for testing reformed cooked meat such as ham and spam. 

The TA1 is an easy to use, cost effective solution to evaluate the textural properties (compression, shear, extrusion, puncture, hardness forces etc) of a wide range of products at all stages of manufacture. It can perform rapid, detailed texture profile analysis (TPA) for applications up to 102 kgf (1 kN, 225 lbf). 

For automated testing and analysis of results, the TA1 can be used with NEXYGENPlus data analysis software. NEXYGENPlus provides a comprehensive library of industry-standard texture analysis tests to internationally recognised standards. NEXYGENPlus also features complete test wizards for tension, compression, tearing, peeling, friction and flexural tests.