ForceTest Force Measuring Software

The ForceTest software is an easy-to-use Windows based data analysis package for use with the digital force gauges and torque gauges. Your test results are presented in a spreadsheet format, so you can analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations.
ForceTest Software
The ForceTest software interfaces directly to your digital force gauge enabling you to automatically perform tests and graphs using a personal computer. Test results and live graph can be monitored directly on the screen while the test is running.

Featuring a colorful and intuitive user interface this force measurement software ensures that tensile tests, compression tests, torque tests, peel tests and friction tests are simple to set up. By the click of just a few buttons basic force measurement such as pull to break, pull to limit, compress to rupture and compress to limit is quickly performed. 

Adding pre-test questions is simple and results details such as maximum force, average force, elapsed time, limit force and peak force can be set to display in the live graph.

Test results are presented in a spreadsheet format allowing you to analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations. Results can be exported to Excel. Graphs and test results can also be exported directly to PDF and Word formats.

The ForceTest software is Windows based and operates using the latest Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. 

The ForceTest software is compatible with the Chatillon DFS II Series and the previous generation of the DFS I Series replacing the NEXYGEN DF software. This allows users of older models to upgrade their force gauges at a low cost.

The ForceTest software comes FREE OF CHARGE when buying a DFS II Series digital force gauge.

ForceTest Software Key Features:
- Simple to set up and operate
- Interface directly to your Chatillon digital force gauge
- Pre- and post-test analysis
- Easy to export test results

Download the free ForceTest software trial here to experience how easy it is to use.

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      • Software Version 1.1.0 10-Jul-19. The DF I and II Series force gauges can be configured to have different polarities for tension and compression. ForceTest will always display and graph the reading from the DF I or II Series gauge as is. To change the polarity of the live readings and graph values in ForceTest, the polarity of the gauge must be switched. Added Features: 1) Added support for a DF II Series gauge connected to a TCM, 2) Added support for stopping tests in ForceTest when a break is detected on a connected DF II Series Force Gauge (DFS II firmware 1.07 or newer). Fixed: 1) Exported readings are now exported in the user's defined unit instead of always in newtons, 2) Communication using the Hirose (RS-232) connector is now more reliable, 3) Improvements to result calculations.
      • Software Version 1.0.2 07-Aug-18. Added Features: 1) Customize line color, 2) Warning message now alerts if the DF I or II Series gauge needs power cycling, 3) Live readings and graph values now match the polarity of the gauge. Fixed: 1) Standard Tests no longer disappear when connecting with a remote non-dedicated force gauge, 2) Zooming in during a live run has been improved, 3) Fixed the date and time data in the "Started On" column, 4) Fixed crashing issue when connecting via RS232, 5) Fixed crashing issue when test limits are sent from a gauge, 6) Statistics can be calculated for all or just selected tests, 7) Responses to PreTest Questions are now correctly displayed on reports.
      • Software Version 1.0.1 12-Dec-17. Initial Release.