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DFE3 Series Digital Force Gauges

The DFE3 force gauges are low-cost, high functionality digital force gauges designed for simple applications. 

The Chatillon DFE3 Series is the new generation of digital force gauges for force measurement. It is specially designed for users looking for easy-to-use force gauges with functionality that can help them optimize their processes and save time.
DFE3 Series Digital Force Gauges
The DFE3 is ideal for:
Collecting production sample data at the end of a production line, 
Performing pass/fail test status, or recording of quality testing data for incoming material inspection conformance.
Simple applications where a low-cost force gauge will meet requirements, without compromising functionality
Comfort in handheld use. 

The DFE3 design consists of:
An ergonomic design that ensures a stable grip and easy mounting 
A large, easy-to-read color-display that highlights readings and icons for easy navigation
A rugged rubber keypad ensures a single touch operation that corresponds to displayed options on the screen and guides its user during operation

The DFE3 functionality offers:
Time saving test setup functionality, auto-save test results, and automatic export of these for further analysis
A variety of standard gauge functions, including normal and peak readings, high/low limits, set points, load averaging and pass/fail results.
Optionally inverted Display with dimmable illumination
Audible warning and key-press tones
Pincode Protection to disable unwanted configuration changes and ability to hide results

Optionally expand the functionality of your DFE3 force gauge even further with the advanced ForceTest software

DFE3 Series Key Features:
- Measurement accuracy is better than 0.2% full scale in integral load cell.
- Simple user interface
- Test setup functionality
- Capacities from 2 lbf (10 N) to 500 lbf (2500 N)
- Data sampling rate of 30 kHz
- Selectable units of measurement (ozf, gf, lbf, kgf and N)
- Delivered in a rugged carrying case

Find the Declaration of Conformity for the DFE3 Series force gauge here.

Request more information to see how we can help you with a force gauge solution that suits your need.

Chatillon Force Measurement Instruments
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  • Release Notes +

      • Firmware Version 1.2.1 23-Feb-17. New or Enhanced Features: 1) Now supports an ASCII command set to allow customers to remotely control the DRG3 Series and integrate into their own systems, and 2) With the introduction of the AFM/AQM, the DFG3 is capable of using remote force and torque sensors. Fixed: 1) Peak detection has been updated to better match the DFS II, and 2) AQM calibration now works more reliably.
      • Firmware Version 1.1.0 22-May-10. New or Enhanced Features: 1) The DFG3 now supports the Chatillon TCM and can run simple tests using the TCM as a motorized test stand, 2) Chatillon TCM position readings are available on the DFG3 display, 3) DFG3 and ForceTest can be used to run tests using the Chatillon TCM
      • Firmware Version 1.0.0 21-Dec-03. Initial Release
      • Device Agent Software Version 1.5.0 07-Feb-23. Fixed: 1) Improved support for two AFMs or AQMs attached to a DFS3 simultaneously, 2) Device properties are now correctly enumerated.
      • Device Agent Software Version 1.3.0 10-May-22. Initial Release. Support for Chatillon DFG3 and Chatillon TCM.
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