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DMG Series Ergonomic Force Gauges

The DMG ergonomic gauge lets you objectively measure manual muscle strength and functional task requirements for almost any application.
DMG Series Ergonomic Force Gauges
The DMG Series dynamometer is ideal for functional capacity evaluations and basic muscle strength measurements where economy and ease-of-use are required.

This compact gauge is designed for physical, occupational and sports applications, and general patient assessment in family, neurological, and orthopedic practices.

Its simplicity is key to both clinicians and technicians, and the measurement accuracy is better than 0.5% full scale. A large, easy-to-read dial indicator displays peak strength.

The DMG is an excellent, portable solution for physical tensile (Pull) or compression (Push) testing.

DMG Series Key Features:
- Peak load switch
- Available in 200 lbf and 500 lbf capacities
- Wide selection of ergonomical fixtures

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