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Erichsen Hydraulic Force Gauge - Model 343

This hydraulic gauge can be used when there is a need to fit a link through the body of the load cell.
Hydraulic Gauge 343

This hydraulic force gauge from Erichsen Wuppertal comes with a center hole and can be used wherever there is a need to fit a link through the body of the load cell.

The Erichsen force gauge is particularly suitable for continuous measurement of axial forces ─ for example, on anchoring devices, or to monitor bearing forces that arise on lathes, boring machines, extrusion presses etc.

If suitable suspension links or housings are used, this load cell can also be employed to measure tension.

Due to the easy operation and its unique features specially suited for the aircraft industry, the Erichsen 343 was awarded Best Aircraft/Airport Scale 2016 by the readers of The Erichsen 343 hydraulic gauge is specially ideal for force balancing, weighing and weight distribution within the aircraft and aviation industry.

The Erichsen Force Gauge Model 343 Key Features:
- Designed for tension and compression applications
- Load Range; 1kN (220Lbs) to 2500kN = 1.6MN (560,000Lbs)
- Accuracy: 1.6% of Full Scale
- High pressure hose and capillary tube options

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Best Aircraft/Airport Scale 2016