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Recommended Equipment for Electronics Components Testing

We supply custom materials testing and force measurement solutions for the electronics components and semiconductor industries. Our test machines are designed to perform high precision testing of electronics components of differing shapes, sizes, and materials. The high precision test results are easy to read and export to software packages such as Excel and can be directly signaled via RS232. To meet your special requirements, our range of electronics components testing machines are available in different capacities and price ranges. 

We offer manual, motorized, and digitally controlled test machines for many kinds of electronics components testing including switches, electrodes, IC-chips, PCBs, plastic-coated copper wires, cable, joints, keypad contacts, automotive electronic components, and more. The test machines are ideal for the test types typically used in electronics components testing including tension, compression, break forcecreep, shear, adhesive peel, peel, delamination, and flexural testing. We can also offer measurement of testing force required to make or break electrical contacts.

Our digital electronics components testing machines are supplied with a library of test setups and advanced analysis software providing test results, along with graphical displays of sample performance.