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CS2 Series - Up to 5 kN

The CS2 digital force testers from Chatillon are revolutionary systems optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, plastics, packaging, textiles, rubber and electronics.
CS2 Series Force Testing Machine
The CS2 Series are high quality digital force testing machines optimized for production and laboratory testing of applications up to 5 kN (1100 lbf). These force testing machines are an excellent choice for simple testing within plastic, rubber, packaging, pharma, cosmetic, electronics and wood

These robust force measurement machines provide their operators with an easy-to-use, intuitive and straight-forward method for tensile testing (Pull), compression testing (Push), shear testing, flexural testing or advanced multi-stage testing adherent to ISO and ASTM testing procedures.

The CS2 Series feature a 2-in-1 laptop console with a user-friendly, robust and reliable 13” touch screen for use in production environments. The screen offers both graphical and tabular results along with a very intuitive user interface regardless of the operator skill level. A few touches are all it takes to set up a test, select runs and present reports.

The set up parameters include limit testing (load, distance and time), break testing, cyclic and loop testing, multi-stage / user defined testing, spring rate calculation and height measurement.

The CS2 Series is available in a 1 kN (225 lbf) and a 5 kN (1124 lbf) frame capacity. 

The CS2-225 offers a large work area with 180 mm throat depth and a 500 mm crosshead travel. This model is ideal for testing applications up to 1 kN (225 lbf). The CS2-1100 offers 150 mm throat depth and a 800 crosshead travel and is ideal for testing applications up to 5 kN /1124 lbf).

Both models have a speed accuracy better than 1%.

No personal computer, propriety software or knowledge of programming language is required.
CS2 Series Key Features:
- Intuitive, user-friendly 2-in-1 laptop
- Colorful 13" screen for easy and fast test setups
- Robust construction
- Flexible "T" Slot mounting base for custom fixturing
- Results and statistics are exported to CSV and PDF formats
- Automatic export of results via RS232 interface after each test
- 100 kHz data sampling
- Multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard

Request more information to see how we can help you with a force measurement solution that suits your need.

Find the Declaration of Conformity for the CS Series force measurement machine here.

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  • Release Notes +

      • Firmware Version 3.1.5 08-Feb-23. Fixed: 1) The LS5HS version of the LS Series’ return-to-zero now performs as expected.
      • Firmware Version 3.1.4 27-Sep-22. Fixed: 1) An LS Series now stops at the safety load limit when the crosshead is moving in the compression direction.
      • Firmware Version 3.1.3 11-May-22. Fixed: 1) Calibration via NexygenPlus and the software consoles work as expected.
      • Firmware Version 3.1.2 28-Apr-22. Fixed: 1) Removed configuration requirements for calibration via the LS Series hardware, 2) Long return-to-zero operations no longer cause disconnection in NexygenPlus, 3) Default machine configurations now match those defined in 2.1 Issue 1 for the LS Series testers.
      • Firmware Version 3.1.1 10-Jun-21. Improvements to support AMETEK internal manufacturing. No customer changes.
      • Firmware Version 3.1.0 02-Apr-21. Improvements to support AMETEK internal manufacturing. No customer changes.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.6.6 28-Apr-22. Fixed: 1) Exporting data, results, and graphs to a PDF succeeds when a test contains an ASK stage, 2) Statistics are calculated correctly when using N and mm units (introduced in a previous fix).
      • CS2 Software Version 2.6.5 09-Nov-21. Fixed: 1) The CS2 software calibration process will now properly correct the calibration parameters for a load cell under test.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.6.4 24-Sep-21. Fixed: 1) Issue where the preload speed didn't run at the requested speed when running version 2.6.3 with the latest Chatillon/Lloyd Instruments Plus Series Firmware 3.1.1
      • CS2 Software Version 2.6.3 20-Aug-21. Fixed: 1) An occasional issue where the Start Test button would not appear.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.6.2 23-Jul-21. Added: 1) Overall results section now includes results from the connected tester, such as CS2 Model and Serial Numbers and software version, and Load Cell Serial Number and Capacity, 2) The generated statistics now include Std. Dv. (n-1) and COV (n-1), 3) Option to auto-export a .csv file containing both the data and results of a test run, 4) Filter for the tests on the open test screen. Fixed Bugs: 1) Now possible to edit Distance Compensation, 2) Selecting multiple tests in the open test screen now requires entry through the multi-select mode via the Multi Select button.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.6.1 21-Jan-21. Fixed Bugs: 1) Fixed maximum number of tests to the 500 announced in 2.6.0.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.6.0 21-Oct-20. New Features: 1) The maximum number of stored tests increased from 50 to 500, 2) Default data rate for the Terminal Server increased from 3 Hz to 30 Hz, 3) Added ability to select and delete multiple tests on the same screen, 4) Archiving now happens automatically, even if the csv export option is not enabled. Fixed Bugs: 1) Fixed start button error, 2) Improved connection between the CS2 touch console and the CS2 tester when the USB cable is disconnected and then reconnected.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.5.6 30-Aug-19. Version 2.5.6 is released in conjunction with the CS2 Series Force Tester and will be pre-installed on the CS2 Series Touch Console. Additionally, CS2 Software 2.5.6 supports installation on a customer's computer removing the need to use the CS2 Series Touch Console if desired. Installing the Software on a different PC other than the Dell sold by AMETEK is at your risk. The CS Software has only been tested using the Dell supplied by AMETEK. CS2 Software will NOT run on the CS Series Touch Console (ICOP). Fixed Bugs: 1) The inability to start a test via the Start Test button has been corrected. 2) Connection between the CS2 Series Touch Console and the CS2 Series tester is now more reliable when the USB cable is disconnected and reconnected while the CS2 Software is running.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.5.5 27-Jun-19. Version 2.5.5 will NOT run on the CS Series Touch Console (ICOP). New Features: 1) A print reports option in the archive and export settings screen will automatically print PDF reports including the Graph, the Auto-Archive reports, and the manually generated reports from test screens, 2) the hold stage increased to 360 minutes. Fixed Bugs: 1) The peak load result is now computed correctly in the first stage of multi-stage tests when the stages run in the opposite direction.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.5.4 17-May-19. Fixed Bugs: 1) Resolved a regression introduced in 2.5.3 which prevented using compression and tension stages in the same test, 2) Correctly calculates results when the Stop Test button is used to stop a test, 3) now supports CS2-1100 specifications as limits in the results, 4) Fixed error when ASCII commands to zero the force and distance occasionally didn't operate correctly, and 5) Fixed error where repeated ASCII commands to move the crosshead could result in incorrect status responses from the Tester.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.5.3 19-Nov-18. New or Enhanced Features: 1) Added an application option to enable legacy ASCII command set behavior, 2) the graph axes remain between edits of tests, and 3) Added an application option to set the default axes on the graph. Fixed Bugs: 1) The preload speed can now be set below 10 mm/min in Height Mode, 2) Improved the computing of a second maximum force (second peak) result, and 3) Improved the calibration process to reduce the need to repeatedly calibrate load cells.
      • CS2 Software Version 2.5.2 29-Mar-18. New or Enhanced Features: 1) Pre and Post test questions now save the last answer, 2) the Supervisor Role now has shutdown and logoff buttons, and 3) Added ASCII commands to zero the load value and both the load and distance value, 4) Users can now edit imported tests
      • CS2 Software Version 2.5.1 11-Dec-17. Supports installation on a separate computer from the CS2 Series Touch Console. Will not run on the CS Series Touch Console (first generation). New or Enhanced Features: 1) The CS2 drivers are automatically installed during the software installation process, 2) Supervisors will be prompted before exiting the software, and 3) The archive and export screens have been re-worked. Fixed Bugs: 1) Corrected orientation for the PDF graph, 2) Allows only one instance of the program to run at a time, 3) Spring rate can now be calculated when pre-load is enabled, and 4) realigned data in the CSV export.
      • Firmware Version 1.2 Issue 5b 01-Feb-16. Changed load filter setting to 8.