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Recommended Spring Testers

Our dedicated spring tester machines are designed to perform high precision spring testing leaving you with high precision test results that are easy to read and export to Excel or RS232. To meet your special requirements, our range of spring tester machines comes in different force ranges and price ranges. 

We offer manual, motorized and digital spring testers for any kind of spring testing varying from light springs to heavy duty springs that require compression up to 100 kN. Our digital spring testers are supplied with a dedicated library of pre-programmed spring test setups and advanced analysis software displaying test results as graphs.

By adding the proper set of grips that matches the shape and size of your spring, our spring tester machines can go from measuring small springs at low force ranges to heavy duty springs up to 100 kN. This means that you will be able to use the same spring tester machine to measure springs of varying shapes and sizes.