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Chatillon are force measurement instruments suited for measurement on applications up to 5kN. Chatillon offers force gauges, torque gauges and test stands for force measurement on a wide range of materials such as plastic, rubber, textiles, wood and electronic components.
Chatillon Force Measurement
Chatillon is a trademark of AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments.

John Chatillon & Sons Company was formed in 1835 in New York, and the year 2010 marked the 175th anniversary of Chatillon products and innovations in force measurement and weighing.  

The Chatillon brand covers force gauges, torque gauges and test stands.

Among the force measurement instruments under the Chatillon brand are:
- LG Series mechanical force gauges
- DG Series mechanical force gauges
- DFX, DFE and DFS Series digital force gauges
- MSE100 Series ergonomic gauges
- DMG Series ergonomic gauges 
- TT Series pneumatic testers
- MT Series manual test stands
- LTCM Series motorised test stands
- CS Series Single column test stands