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Looking to Replace Your LTCM Force Tester?

LTCM Series Motorized Test Stands
The Chatillon LTCM100 and LTCM500 motorized force testers are obsolete and are no longer supplied.

The LTCM Series motorized force testers have been replaced by the TCM Series motorized force testers that features easy operation, smart functionalities, a large working area, small footprint, high frame stiffness and a more modern mechanical design.

The TCM Series includes user-friendly and efficient buttons with haptic feedback reducing the time taken to configure a test as well as reducing operator errors. It is ideal for tension, compression, bending, peeling, adhesion and insertion/extraction tests both in the quality control environment and for laboratory analysis. The TCM Series force testers are suitable for testing applications up to 1557 N (350 lbf).

Avoid downtime using your old LTCM force tester
Contact us now to proactively receive pricing on a replacement TCM force tester for you to use for budget planning purposes.