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LD Series (bench mounted) - Up to 100 kN

The cost effective LD Series testing machines are excellent for testing applications such as plasticrubber, wood, packaging, construction materials, metals and automotive parts. They can be mounted above a floor standing compression cage for large sample or complete assembly testing.
LD Series test machine
The powerful LD Series testing machines from Lloyd Instruments combine high performance, ease of use and superior flexibility. These universal materials testing machines are ideal for testing applications up to 100 kN (22480 lbf) and are designed for both routine quality control testing, automated testing and for performing complex multi-stage testing.

All LD Series testing machines feature an extra-large working area of 452 mm (17.8 in) and crosshead travel up to 1070 mm (42 in) extendable to 1669 mm (65.7 in).

The high stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side loading of the test sample.

Interchangeable pancake load cells ensure high accuracy and optimize the test machines for tension, compression and cycling through to zero force measurements. 

An advanced electrical design couples an AC drive with preloaded ball screws for better displacement accuracy. 

The flexible NexygenPlus software interacts with Excel and Word, offering you the possibility of automatically transferring your test results directly into your own corporate templates.

All available modules are included in the NexygenPlus software price. The extensive library of pre-set test set-ups adherent to a wide selection of international standards.

A tablet option is available for the LD Series. When combining the LD Series tester with the tablet, the machine turns into a stand-alone test machine that loads all test data directly into the tablet eliminating the need for a computer. With an intuitive interface and quick-test functionalities, setting up a test, selecting test runs and exporting results takes only a few keystrokes. Test results can be exported into both pdf and .csv files. 

The LD Series testing machines come in five bench mounted models: the LD5 (up to 5 kN/1124 lbf), LD10 (up to 10 kN/2248 lbf), LD30 (up to 30 kN/6744 lbf), LD50 (up to 50 kN/11240 lbf) and LD100 (up to 100 kN/22480 lbf).
LD Series Key Features:
- Simple to set up, operate and maintain
- High stiffness frame
- High performance AC drive
- Compliant to CE machinery directive

Request more information to see how we can help you with a materials testing solution that suits your need.

Customers are strongly encouraged to download the latest firmware upgrade here. Please see our release notes section below for more details.

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  • Release Notes +

      • LD Software Version 1.0.2 05-Oct-22. Fixed: 1) Exporting data, results, and graphs to a PDF succeeds when a test contains an ASK stage, 2) Statistics are calculated correctly when using N and mm units (introduced by an earlier fix).
      • LD Software Version 1.0.1 20-Aug-20. Added: 1) The generated statistics for a test now includes Std. Dv. (n-1( and COV (n-1), 2) It's now possible to auto-export a .csv file containing both the data and results for a test run, 3) It's now possible to filter the tests on the open test screen. Fixed: 1) The precision and rounding of statistics match the result in all cases, 2) The about screen correctly displays the frame capacity and load cell calibration dates.
      • LD Software Version 1.0.0 16-Jan-20. Initial Release.
      • Firmware Version 1.8 08-Feb-23. New: 1) Added additional load cell protection to ensure proper connection to the crosshead. Fixed: 1) More reliable LD Series firmware upgrade of modules, and additional diagnostics are available if the upgrade fails, 2) Ramping now works correctly when defined for a test using load rate, and 3) An error will now be reported when the installed load cell capacity does not match the defined machine stiffness profile
      • Firmware Version 1.7 06-Aug-21. Fixed: 1) An issue where the percentage break detection would not fire until the load returned to zero.
      • Firmware Version 1.6 10-Mar-21. Fixed: 1) LD Series should no longer enter a sleep slate requiring a system reboot. Previously, this could occur while idle or when running a test.
      • Firmware Version 1.5 20-Aug-20. Reliability improvements and minor feature enhancements to support all customer applications. Customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the latest firmware. New and enhanced features: 1) It is now possible to display data sources other than the crosshead extension and primary load cell load values on the handheld remote. As previously, only two data sources can be displayed. 2) Unconfigured load cells are now recognized in Service Utility, 3) Various usability and fixes to the information displayed on the handheld remote. Please note that installation of the firmware requires the “Utility Program for Firmware Upgrade 1.0.0” found under the support menu on this website.
      • Utility Program for Firmware Upgrade 1.0.0 20-Aug-20. Utility for easy on-site upgrade of firmware for the LD machines by users and service.
      • Firmware Version 1.4 16-Jan-20. New and enhanced features: 1) Support to run the LD Series with the touch screen tablet has been added, 2) New languages for the handheld remote can be added via Service Utility in addition to the existing English, German, French, and Chinese options. Bug Fixes: 1) Noise when the LD Series is idle has been reduced, 2) Communication between a LD Series tester and a connected computer is now more stable and performant, 3) Extra safety precaution if handheld fast jog keys are repeatedly pushed by the operator.
      • Firmware Version 1.3 22-Mar-19. Application/user specific update. Special features: 1) It is now possible to display data sources other than the crosshead extension and primary load cell load values on the handheld remote. As previous, only two data sources can be displayed. 2) Unconfigured load cells are now recognized in Service Utility, 3) Various usability and fixes to the information displayed on the handheld remote.
      • Firmware Version 1.2 09-Feb-18. Bug fix for error when running at 1000 Hz sampling rate.
      • Firmware Version 1.1 24-Jan-18. Unreleased.
      • Firmware Version 1.0 25-Oct-17. Initial release to support the launch of the LD Series, including the LD5, LD10, LD30, LD50, and LD100.
      • NexygenPlus Software Version 4.1.5 05-Aug-22. Added: 1) Multiple ease-of-use improvements based on customer feedback, and 2) for the NexygenPlus with Advanced Security Module, additional actions and events are logged in the audit log to better capture regulatory needs, and expanded permissions to support customer requirement. Fixed: 1) Addressed issues found during testing and evaluation.
      • NexygenPlus Software Version 4.1.1 17-May-21. Fixed: 1) When using Test Automation without Advanced Security Module, the batch files are now properly closed or archived.
      • NexygenPlus Software Version 4.1.0 31-Apr-21. New User Interface. Added the Advanced Security Module. Various Bug Fixes.
      • NexygenPlus Software Version 4.0.1 28-Mar-18. Improved Cohesiveness test result.
      • NexygenPlus Software Version 4.0.0 11-Oct-17. New Features: 1) Added support for the LD Series. Fixed: 1) Addressed the "Run-time error 7" message when editing results, 2) Archive now happens once a day, 3) Improved the break extension result when also reporting the break load result, 4) Improved memory management when running for a long duration.