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AFM/AQM External loadcell and torque transducer

These external loadcells and torque transducers turns your Digital Force Gauge DFS3 into a 3-in-1 gauge device   
AFM loadcell and AQM torque transducer
The external sensors: AFM external load cell, and the AQM external torque transducer, can be used together with our Digital Force Gauge DFS3 to offer ultimate flexibility when performing different types of tests in various applications without having to constantly change settings.

All settings can be preconfigured so that the sensors are ready for use, and this especially increases the effciency when doing repeated testing day-after-day. Up to two external sensors can be connected in the DFS3 force gauges. Together with the internal sensor, the full set-up provides a 3-in-1 device. The force gauge shows the results from one sensor at a time, so that there is no doubt as to which sensor the results come from.

It is easy to connect the two external sensors - they both have an ADC inline box, which ensures a stable digital signal and enables the force gauge itself to identify them with a single click. The digital communication offers an improved accuracy and keeps the calibration information stored within the external device, meaning it can be used by other DFS3 gauges without affecting readings. This makes it plug-and-play. 
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      • Firmware Version 1.1.0 08-Feb-23. Initial Release.