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What are Universal Testing Machines

"What are a universal testing machines" and "what can I use universal testing machines for" are some of the questions we answer in the text below.
Universal Testing Machines
Universal testing machines are used to determine the physical and mechanical properties of raw materials and components by measuring and analyzing their performance under varying tensile or compressive forces, in numerous test methods.

The “universal” part of the name refers to the many different types of tests that can be performed by the same universal testing machine. While tensile strength and compressive strength are among the most performed test types, it is also possible to use the universal testing machines for flexural tests, creep tests, friction tests, and much more. For an overview and explanation of the various test types that can be performed by universal testing machines, please go to the Test Types page on this website.

Another aspect that makes the universal testing machines universal, is that they can be used to test all shapes, sizes, and materials. In most cases, all it requires to switch between different test types, shapes, or sizes, is a change of the grips installed on the universal testing machine. The versatility of the universal testing machines makes them ideal for manufacturers who require use of the same testing machine for different types of testing, or for testing different products, such as a manufacturer of plastics who uses the same universal testing machine for testing plastic film, plastic components, and plastic containers.

When performing materials testing with the help of universal testing machines the testing is commonly carried out in compliance with local or international testing standards such as ISO, ASTM, or DIN. These standards clearly state which parameters a specific product or material should be tested against, and how the test should be performed. For an overview of some of the most common international standards used when testing with the help of universal testing machines, please go to the Standards page on this website.

Some universal testing machines can be integrated with PLC interfaces or robotics so they can perform automated tests. This is most commonly used in high-volume or repetitive testing environments and these can be performed in hours rather than days when coupling automated processes to the universal testing machines.

Universal testing machines are sometimes referred to as UTM’s.

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