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Pin Brinell - Brinell Hardness Testers

The Pin Brinell testers from Newage are cost effective instruments using calibrated shear pins to control the amount of load applied. These hardness testers provide consistent loading regardless of operator.
Pin Brinell
The Pin Brinell from Newage is the standard for economical Brinell hardness measurement.

This simple-to-use and inexpensive tester can be used across the entire Brinell range (HB100 to HB700).

The Pin Brinell is compact and this hardness tester is ideal for applications where mounting the sample on a more traditional bench tester may be impractical.

The Pin Brinell applies force to the indenter by the operator using a hammer or a clamping device. The force applied is controlled using a calibrated shear pin. When the load is applied and the force applied reaches the shear pin’s shear limit, the shear pin breaks.

The diameter of the resulting indentation can then be read on a Brinell scope, such as our HiLight scope, or for more exacting measurements, on the Newage B.O.S.S. system

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