Breaking News on Lipstick Production

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The measurement of texture and mechanical strengths of lipsticks is an essential element for lipstick manufacturers. Ametek STC, manufacturer of Chatillon and Lloyd Instruments test equipment, offers a range of lipstick testing kits for testing break strength, firmness and rupture as well as slicing, shear and flexure of the lipstick grape.

For decades, leading cosmetics manufacturers in France have used Lloyd Instruments test equipment for testing lipsticks as well as lipstick packaging. The most popular test machine for these types of tests is the LS1 materials testing machine equipped with a special fork type fixture for lipstick break strength testing.

The fork type fixture was developed by Ametek STC in co-operation with the French cosmetics houses. It consists of two parts and will accommodate lipsticks up to 20 mm diameter. The lower part of the fixture provides a gripping mechanism to hold the main part of the lipstick during the test, while the upper fixture is an inverted Y shape and attaches directly to the loadcell.

By applying a force directly to the lipstick using this fixture, a bending action equivalent to one experienced by the product when in use can be simulated, and the break strength of the lipstick can be measured. The fixture has a maximum capacity of 50 N.

Another fixture developed specifically for lipstick testing is an upper fixture with a fine wire attached. This fixture is ideal for slicing the lipstick grape and thereby achieve accurate rupture test results. Furthermore, a V type fixture for shear and rupture testing is available from the company’s range of special engineered lipstick testing kits.

Tests performed on the LS1 test machine can be fully automated through the NEXYGENPlus software that offers high precision analysis, a complete library of test setups adherent to international standards, and easy export of data directly to Excel or Word templates.

Other cosmetics tests that can be performed using the LS1 test machine from Lloyd Instruments are spreadability, stickiness, extrudability and compaction strength, while compression strength, peel strength and actuation force of pumps and sprays are some of the most common test types performed on the LS1 test machine when testing cosmetic containers and packaging.