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New Force Measurement Software Simplifies Force Testing

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Chatillon launches its second new product in two weeks – The ForceTest software for force measurement.

The ForceTest software interfaces directly to your digital force gauge enabling you to automatically perform tests and graphs using a personal computer.

The software features a colorful and intuitive user interface ensuring that tension, compression, torque, peel and friction tests are simple to set up, and that test results are accurate and easy to read.

When combining the ForceTest software with a digital force gauge from the Chatillon DF II Series, its user will achieve a highly flexible force testing system expanding the functionalities from the force gauge.

Basic force measurement such as tensile and compression test formats, including pull to break, pull to limit, compress to rupture and compress to limit are performed by clicking just a few buttons. Test results can be followed directly on the screen while the test is running.

Adding pre-test questions is simple and results details such as maximum force, average force, elapsed time, limit force and peak force are quick to add and can be set to display in the live graph.

To reduce setup time the ForceTest software offers pre-set test methods for the most commonly used test types within force testing. Once a template is created, it empowers its user to auto load the latest test performed, and to open previously saved tests for use as template for new tests. 

Test results are presented in a spreadsheet format allowing you to analyze data and perform common mathematical and statistical calculations. Results can be exported to Excel. Graphs and test results can also be exported directly to PDF and Word formats.

The ForceTest software is Windows based and operates using the latest Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. Custom chart colors can be set for easy viewing.  Units of measure, fonts, titles and force measurement resolution can also be customized. 

A 30-day trial of ForceTest can be downloaded from the website.

The ForceTest software is included in the price when purchasing a Chatillon DF II Series digital force gauge, or it can be purchased separately. It replaces the former NEXYGEN DF software and is compatible with previous generations of the Chatillon DF Series allowing users of older models to upgrade their force gauges at a low cost.

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