HMV-G Series - Microhardness Testers

The HMV-G21 microhardness testing system is so fast and easy to use that testing will seem like a breeze even to inexperienced users. A single sample can be read in 0.3 seconds.
HMV-G Microhardness Testing System
The HMV-G Series microhardness testing system is designed for measuring the hardness of small parts and metallic structures used in precision equipment, processed surface layers, and metal plating layers.  This makes the HMV-G Series ideal for metallographic research and product quality control.

The HMV-G Series microhardness testing system covers two models – the mechanical HMV-G20 and the semi-automatic HMV-G21 – along with a large variety of optional features to offer you the best microhardness testing system suited for your exact needs.

The mechanical HMV-G20 Series features an easy-to-read, full color LCD display large enough to view test results and on-screen graphics such as histograms and data plots, while it’s built-in statistical software accommodates up to 999 data points.

The semi-automatic HMV-G21 Series microhardness tester comes with a built-in CCD camera. Combined with the C.A.M.S. software installed on a PC this solution offers its user easy, high-precision measurement for on-screen viewing, measurement and analysis. The HMV-G21 accommodates up to 5000 data points.

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