• Digital Force Gauges
    Force Gauges

    We offer a complete range of force measurement instruments and solutions, designed to solve simple and complex force measurement applications on the production floor or quality laboratory.

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  • Pneumatic Testers
    Pneumatic Testers

    Pneumatic testers afford the operator the ease of using a pneumatic motor to apply force in repeated tests.

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  • Material Testers
    Material Testers

    We supply materials testing instruments that provide the highest level of performance and capability for production testing, quality control, laboratory testing, research, and education.

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  • Application Specific Testers
    Application Specific Testers

    Specific needs demand unique solutions. AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments are experts in designing materials testing solutions that work for you.

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  • Software

    For flexible, complex or unique testing needs, we offer optional software for use with our Lloyd Instruments, Chatillon and Davenport test machines.

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  • Extensometers

    We offer a wide range of contacting and non-contacting extensometers for materials testing and force measurement machines.

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  • Grips and Fixtures
    Grips and Fixtures

    To cover the many different materials, shapes and sizes of samples that can be tested on our machines, we offer a wide range of grips, jigs and probes for a variety of test types.

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  • Food Grips and Fixtures
    Food Grips and Fixtures

    Our comprehensive range of special designed grips, fixtures, jigs and probes cover most test applications within the food industry.

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  • Accessories

    Our range of accessories includes grips, load cells, sensors, Pogos, splinter shields, thermal cabinets, furnaces and adapters for high precision testing.

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  • Precision Weighing Scales
    Precision Weighing Scales

    We offer a comprehensive range of precision weighing scales including handheld scales, hanging scales, tabletop and crane scales as well as portable beam, platform dial scales and accessories.

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